At S & V Lawyers we provide expert advice regarding your entitlements under a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) claim. The TAC has a ‘no-fault’ scheme with benefits that are available even if you caused the accident.

Entitlements you may be eligible for include:

1. Medical and like expenses

All medical services and treatments that are reasonable and related to the accident such as medical appointments, medications, physiotherapy and psychology.

2. Loss of earnings payments

In most cases, the TAC pays 80% of your gross income for a period of 18 months if you unable to return to work. After this period, loss of earning capacity benefits may be paid for a further 18 months and until retirement age if you have a 50% whole person impairment.

3. Impairment benefit

An “impairment” is a permanent physical or psychological condition caused by your accident injuries. If you are likely to have an impairment, the TAC will arrange to have your injuries assessed by an independent medical examiner to see what permanent effect these injuries have on your body movement or organ function.
A lump-sum payment can be paid by the TAC for this loss if your impairment rates at a certain level.

4. Common law damages

If you are seriously injured in a transport accident and someone else was at fault, you may be able to receive a common law damages payment. The payment is for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. It may also be for financial loss resulting from the accident.

To be eligible for common law damages:

  • You must have someone to sue who was at fault and caused you to be injured
  • Your injuries must reach a certain impairment rating or you must have suffered a ‘serious injury’ (either physical or mental)

S & V Lawyers are dedicated on helping you receive all the treatment benefits and compensation you are entitled to.